Initial impression I’ve been playing with the Torch backup light from MFT for over a year now. I’ll cut right to the chase. It isn’t very bright for a rifle mounted light, from my perspective.

Torch Back Up Light from MFT

Torch Back Up Light from MFTInitial impression I’ve been playing with the Torch backup light from MFT for over a year now. I’ll cut right to the chase. It isn’t very bright for a rifle mounted light, from my perspective. Operating button located on rear of light Applications In addition, I’m not sure who puts a second light on their rifle. I settled on installing the little light on my Truck Gun Project build. Then my wife started commenting on the weight of her AR , and I realized that for around the house, this little light could live on her gun. It’s not the light I’d prefer live on her gun, but it’s certainly better than no light, and I’m a pragmatist. Yes, if she chooses to take a low light class with me (and I hope she does), we will remove it and slap a brighter light on. Until then (and possibly again after), this light will do just fine. MFT Torch mounted. It sorta looks like a spider An idea Honestly, I’d really like to see the maker of the backup light (I believe MFT buys from Princeton Tech) produce a similar light in a pistol configuration. If the button could be relocated, I think it could work for that application quite well. Strengths and weaknesses It’s durable and light weight. It’s not bright enough for most rifle applications, but it reveals nooks and crannies in a house judiciously. I’ll post some sample videos for you to see what I mean. Still it’s an inexpensive option that will get the job done (in a house) and will provide a low light signature. I like to keep it real with you. /wp-content/uploads/2017/02/TORCH-Back-Up-Light-.mp4 An opinion I’d prefer more lumens— blindingly brilliant lumens. No really, I mean it. If an intruder is in my space, I want them to see spots for days. The MFT backup light is adequate and cost effective. If you have experience with this little light, I’d love to hear your perspective. There is an in depth review of this weapon’s light option from Rick here . Photo credit Rick Dombroski

Best Lever Action Rifles 2020 Complete Review

Best Lever Action Rifles  2020 Complete Review

A lever-action rifle has the most unusual, but stylish loading mechanism of all weapons. These rifles are a collectible for many people and a means of pleasure for others. Lever-action rifles have a long and legendary history and are still widely used and admired. Here we will delve deeper into the world of these rifles, meanwhile reviewing the best lever-action rifles on the market today. So keep your eyes pinned. At a Glance: Our Top Picks for Lever Action Rifles OUR TOP PICK: Browning- BLR Lightweight 20” 308 Winchester Blue 4+1RD BEST BUDGET OPTION: Henry Repeating Arms Lever Action .22LR H001 "Henry Repeating Arms" - Big Boy Steel 20” 45 Colt Blue 10+1RD Henry Repeating Arms H010 Henry Repeating Arms - Big Boy 20” 44 Magnum | 44 Special Brass 10+1RD Comparison of the Best Lever-Action Rifles IMAGE PRODUCT Our Top Pick Browning- BLR Lightweight 20” "308 Winchester Blue" 4+1RD Detachable Box Magazine. Trigger Moves Along With the Lever. Best Runner-up for "Lever Action Rifle" . View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews Best Budget Option Henry Repeating Arms Lever Action .22LR H001 High Ammo Capacity. Best .22 Lever Action Rifle. Compact and Lightweight Multi-purpose Rifle. "View Latest Price" → "Read Customer Reviews" Henry Repeating Arms - Big "Boy Steel 20”" 45 Colt Blue 10+1RD Best .45 Colt Lever Action Rifle. Smooth Quiet and Reliable Action . Fully Adjustable Rear Sight With White Diamond Insert. View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews Henry Repeating Arms H010 Best .45-70 Lever Action Rifle on the Market. Very Little Felt Recoil Considering the Caliber. High Quality Construction and Reliable Operation. View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews Henry Repeating Arms - Big Boy 20” 44 Magnum | 44 Special Brass 10+1RD Best .44 Mag Lever Action Rifle. Versatile Ranch-Style Rifle for Multiple Uses. Incredibly Smooth and Precise Fit and Finish. View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews Marlin Model 1895 .45-70 Government 22" Powerful .45-70 Caliber Cartridge. Best Lever Action Rifle on the Market. Adjustable and Quick Acquisition Hood Sight. View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews Marlin 1894CB .357 Magnum 20" Square Bolt and 9 Round Capacity. Best Lever Action Rifle in .357 Caliber. Polished and Tapered Octagonal Barrel With Ballard Rifling. View Latest Price Read Customer Reviews Henry Lever Action .30-30 20" Barrel with Walnut Stock H009 Best .30-30 Lever Action Rifle. XS Ghost Ring Sights for Better Acquisition. One of the Most Popular Deer Hunting Rifles. View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews Chiappa LA322 Kodiak Cub Take Down .22 LR Easy-to-Detach Takedown Design. 3/8" Dovetail Machined into the Top of the Receiver. Lightweight and Compact Design for Quick Maneuvers. View Latest Price → Read Customer Reviews What is a Lever-Action Rifle and How Does it Work? A lever-action rifle uses a long lever (which also works as a trigger guard in most cases) to perform the action of loading new cartridges and ejecting new ones in the chamber. The lever is connected to the bolt of the rifle and loads a new round in the chamber when worked. The concept of operation is similar to bolt-action rifles , other than the positioning of the lever. The lever of these rifles can be compared to the charging handle of bolt-action and semi-auto rifles. Lever-action rifles use a tubular magazine which is located right below the barrel. Working the lever also pulls out a fresh round from the magazine. Some of these rifles also have box magazines. Source When Was The Lever-Action Rifle Invented? The concept of lever-action rifles had been lurking around the firearms industry since the American Civil War. The first lever-action rifles on the market were Colt’s first and second models introduced between 1837 and 1841. But the first popular lever-action rifle on the market was the Spencer, which was introduced in 1860. Another significantly popular rifle in the same era was the Henry rifle introduced in the same year, which is still quite popular among the shooter community. Many market-storming, lever-action rifles have been introduced into the market ever since. Some of the most common ones include the Henry Big Boy, Marlin 1895, and Browning BLR. Benefits of Investing in a Great Lever-Action Rifle Lever-action rifles have quite a few advantages associated with them. Some of these are: Good Sporting Rifles Lever-action rifles are used worldwide for sports, including hunting. Lever-actions are available in a variety of calibers and have the capability to take down any game in North America. They are widely used by game wardens, forest authorities, hunters, and even some prison guards. Versatility These rifles are available in a variety of calibers, which allows you to put them to different uses. Plus, lever-action rifles are quite versatile and can be used for hunting, practice, competitions, and even self-defense when the situation demands. Source Rate of Fire These rifles have a better rate of fire compared to bolt-action rifles. Plus, you don’t have to lose the sight picture every time you load a new round in the chamber. These are not as quick as semi-auto rifles, but can still be advantageous over bolt-action. Durable and Compact Lever-action rifles are exceptionally durable, no matter how hard you push them. These are tried and tested rifles and have proven their metal during the American Civil War and the Westward Expansion. Additionally, some SBR lever-action rifles are quite compact. Watching rodeo riders carry them in scabbards was not an uncommon sight a century ago. Characteristics of Our Favorite Models All the lever-action rifles reviewed here feature certain characteristics, which make them stand out. Eventually, these are also the qualities which should be prominently possessed by a good lever-action rifle. Accuracy The primary and most important feature of any rifle is its accuracy. Lever-action rifles are widely used for sporting and hunting, which inevitably requires them to be accurate for making a humane kill. Easy to Clean and Maintain A good lever-action rifle must be easy to field strip and clean. It should have a design that allows you to disassemble the rifle quickly, meanwhile being easy to clean every nook and cranny without much effort. Aesthetics Lever-actions are among the most classy, admirable, and collectible rifles. Having good aesthetics makes both the shooter and the beholder feel good about the rifle. Most of these rifles have an American Walnut stock, embellished with carvings and other decorations. Customizability This term here refers to the ease of mounting a scope over the rifle. All the rifles included in this review have their receivers tapped/drilled for accepting scope mounts. Quick Take - The Best Lever-Action Rifles These are our recommendations for the best lever-action rifles: Browning- BLR Lightweight 20” 308 Winchester Blue 4+1RD ​Henry Repeating Arms Lever-Action .22LR H001 ​Latest Price Pros - Big Boy Steel 20IN 45 Colt Blue 10+1RD Review of the Best Lever-Action Rifles Lever-action rifles are available in a variety of calibers and finding the right model for each purpose can be a tedious and confusing task. For this very reason, we’ve come up with the best rifle in different calibers and categories in this extensive list of the best lever-action rifles on the market. Best Overall: Browning- BLR Lightweight 20IN 308 Winchester Blue 4+1RD CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros .308 is an all-purpose round Aesthetically pleasing American walnut finish Chambered for modern high pressure cartridges Magazine allows you to shoot pointed spitzer rounds Four position hammer with quiet half-cock hammer safety Better finger protection compared to other lever-action guns Cons Prone to getting smudged with dirt The action is too complex to easily field strip ​ What Recent Buyers Report Most users seem to appreciate the light weight, reliability, and short/mid range accuracy of the weapon. The gun is quite popular in terms of accuracy and operation, especially in .308 caliber. Plus, most users call the gun very reliable, even under harsh weather conditions. Why it Stands Out to Us The first feature to like about this gun is the detachable box magazine, which allows for quick reloading. Secondly, the high-pressure chamber and box mag let you shoot high velocity rounds, which improves the range of this rifle. Another unique feature is the trigger and lever coupling, which protects the finger from snapping. Who Will Use This Most Since this rifle is chambered in .308, which is a good all-purpose round, the rifle will be ideal for hunters. Plus, the detachable mag also gives you a chance to use it for home defense in desperate situations. Additionally, it is also a good practice rifle and recreational shooters will love it. Due to its compatibility with spitzer rounds, you can also use it for some distant range shooting. What Could Be Improved and Why The magazine capacity can be extended to house more rounds. The trigger might need an upgrade if you decide to use it for a competition, but that’s not really an issue. Otherwise, the rifle is almost perfect in itself. You might have to compromise with muzzle devices since the barrel is also not threaded. Bottom Line The Browning BLR is a very popular and widely used lever-action hunting rifle. It has a detachable box magazine and high-pressure chamber, which allows you to shoot advanced ammunition. Plus, the four position hammer and silent safety also help with handling the rifle. Best Lever-Action 22: "Latest Price Pros" Lever-Action .22LR H001 CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Very smooth and reliable action Both sights are raised and adjustable Large lever loop for intuitive hand placement Distinct click sound every time a round is chambered Holds fifteen .22LR rounds, seventeen .22L rounds, and twenty-one .22S rounds Cons Takes time to reload ammo into the tube Ejection port might interfere with scope mount "What Recent Buyers" Report Most buyers appreciate the smooth action of this rifle, generally calling it as "smooth as silk". The fit and finish are also quite praised. However, many buyers also complain about the quality of sights. The gun is very compact for a rifle and performs flawlessly, even in rigorous shooting sessions. Why it Stands Out to Us The rifle has a flawless action and a high ammo capacity. It is quite accurate for a .22. The rifle is so well made that it will find a place in every firearm collection. The action and capacity combine to bring this lever-action rifle up to par with semi-auto .22s in terms of shooting speed. Who Will "Use This Most" Anybody who wants to shoot a .22 and doesn’t need a bipod can use this rifle. The rifle can be used for hunting vermin and other small game. Plus, it is a compact and fun weapon and is ideal for plinking, target practice, and recreational shooting. What Could Be Improved and Why As already mentioned, you have to adjust or even change the sights right away for a better pair, especially if you prefer iron sights and have vision issues. The reloading mechanism requires you to unscrew the tube and fill it manually, which also consumes time. Bottom Line The Henry Lever-Action .22 is a versatile rifle intended for various uses. The rifle can be used for hunting, recreational shooting, and even defense under critical situations. The price of the rifle is unbelievable for many, considering the flawless performance. Best 45 Colt Lever Rifle: Latest Price Pros - Big Boy Steel 20IN 45 Colt Blue 10+1RD CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros High capacity of 10+1 rounds High quality and useful sights Octagon barrel is incredibly accurate Classic styling of the “Old West” rifles Drilled and tapped for accepting scope mounts Heavy .45 Colt caliber for taking down big game Cons Weighs more than other similar rifles Slow and deliberate compared to other lever-actions Heavy and costly caliber, not for small vermin or too much plinking What Recent Buyers Report The rifle has a classy finish of the “Old West” rifle and is a great weapon for hunting. The rifle displays flawless operation under any conditions. The gun shoots nicely and has little recoil. Plus, most users find the gun to be very accurate. Why it Stands Out to Us The rifle is chambered in .45 Colt cartridge which is a powerful round. It has an aesthetically pleasing finish and a lot of history associated with it. The rifle mitigates recoil properly and runs flawlessly. Plus. the uniform and smooth operation also help the shooter. Who Will Use This Most With recent straight-wall cartridge hunting laws, the gun is more likely to be used by hunters living in such states. Plus, the 11-round capacity makes the weapon good for self-defense and competitions. Plus, it is also a great bush rifle to be used on hunting trips. What Could Be Improved and Why The rifle is quite well-built and has limited room for improvement. However, adding a good rifle scope will add to your effective range and accuracy. The finish will require some care and maintenance along the way. Bottom Line The Henry Big Boy .45 Colt is a beast. It can be used to chew on the biggest game found in North America. Plus, the high-capacity tubular magazine also makes it an effective self-defense weapon. It is a great rifle for hog and deer hunting. Best 45-70 Lever-Action: Latest Price Pros H010 CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Internal bar transfer safety Crisp and clean trigger pull High power caliber to knock down large game Receiver drilled and tapped for Weaver 63B mount Thick rubber pad absorbs recoil and provides comfort Cons Takes time to reload Little front heavy because of the barrel What Recent Buyers Report Most users seem very pleased by the finish and look of this rifle. In terms of accuracy, the rifle can shoot 4-5-inch groups at 100 yards using the best grade ammo. The action is smooth and reliable and the recoil is considerably low for such a powerful caliber. Why it Stands Out to Us The rifle is exceptionally reliable and will probably never jam if properly maintained. The gun looks quite pretty and shoots the rounds quite quickly. Another important feature is the impeccable safety mechanism which is almost flawless and lets you handle the rifle securely. Who Will Use This Most The rifle is a treat for big game hunters. Due to its reliability, quick cycling, and caliber, the rifle will be best used for hunting hogs and grizzlies. Other than that, the rifle is good for recreational shooting and will be great to introduce amateurs to the recoil of .45-70 rounds because of the low recoil. What Could Be Improved and Why Consider adding a sling to the rifle because of its somewhat heavy weight. Carrying the rifle all day through the woods and brush can be difficult without one. An extra one or two rounds can be pushed inside the tube mag, however not recommended. Bottom Line The Henry .45-70 is a beautiful and reliable rifle, with an exceptional safety mechanism which prevents it from firing except when pulling the trigger. The only drawback is the expensive ammunition, which can be overcome if you reload. Best 44 Mag Lever-Action: ​ Latest Price Pros - Big Boy 20IN 44 Magnum | 44 Special Brass 10+1RD CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros 10+1 round tubular magazine Aesthetically pleasing smooth finish Distinctively accurate octagonal barrel Brass receiver, buttplate, and barrel band Fully-adjustable, semi-buckhorn rear sight Cons No pre-installed sling swivel studs Heavy at eight pounds and eleven ounces What Recent Buyers Report Buyers appreciate the look of the rifle, especially due to the brass components. The rifle runs smooth without any jams and is quite powerful to take down even large-sized game. It is quite accurate at short/medium ranges and is more like a collectible item. Why it Stands Out to Us The rifle is a classic and is amongst the most loved and admired lever-action rifles on the market. The heavy weight of the rifle compensates for the recoil which allows you to shoot accurately. Additionally, the appearance of the rifle is also an inevitably attractive factor. Who Will Use This Most The rifle is more likely to be used by hunters. Additionally, you can take it out on a range for some plinking and practice. The 11-round capacity of this rifle also makes it eligible to be used as a home defense or truck gun. What Could Be Improved and Why The rifle does not have sling swivels, which means you’ll have to get them installed separately. Installing them is quite necessary because it is a heavy rifle and you cannot carry it all day without the support of a sling. Bottom Line The Henry Bigboy .44 Magnum is a very popular rifle on the market. It has an appealing design and finish. Plus, the rifle is quite accurate for use at short to medium ranges. It can be used to hunt down big game of all sizes. 6. "Marlin Model 1895" .45-70 Government 22" CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Adjustable and folding sight Solid top tapped for scope mount Deep-cut ballard-type rifling (6 grooves) High power caliber to hunt every game One of the most popular lever-actions of all time Cons Low ammo capacity (4+1 rounds) What Recent Buyers Report The Marlin 1895 is a widely used and trusted lever-action rifle. Most users appreciate its reliability, power, and accuracy. Yes, the 1895 is quite accurate for a lever-action. The gun feels quite stable and has been meticulously designed with precise cuts and finish. Why it Stands Out to Us "The Marlin 1895" has been in the market for more than a century. The weapon fires a heavy cartridge and is exceptionally stable. Plus, the recoil of the weapon is quite low, taking into consideration the size of the rounds it shoots. It is an exceptionally tough lever gun. Who Will Use This Most The gun is a harpoon on land. The .45-70 cartridge can bring down even the largest and most notorious grizzlies in seconds. The rifle is ideal for hunters who go looking for small to large-sized game (not small vermin, though). It can also be used as a truck gun, however the ammo capacity is still something to be taken into consideration. What Could Be Improved and Why Although this rifle shoots a powerful cartridge, you still have to consider its ammo capacity The rifle can hold only five rounds at once, so using it for a gun fight is not a very good option, especially if your opponent has a semi-auto AR. The muzzle is also not threaded and you must take note of it. Bottom Line The Marlin 1895 is a legendary selection from the oldest breed of lever-action rifles. The rifle is quite tough and decently accurate. Plus, the heavy caliber is the ideal round for hunting. It also comes in other variants, so you have ample choice. Best 357 Lever-Action: Marlin 1894CB .357 Magnum 20" CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Excellent fit and finish Ambidextrous offset hammer spur Side loading gate for easy refilling American walnut straight grip stock Squared finger lever for better grip Ramp front sight with brass bead and wide-scan hood Cons Loading gate is a bit stiff Some guns might have wood-to-metal finish issues What Recent Buyers Report Most users appreciate the finish of the rifle and the smooth lever-action. The rifle has a myriad of different features which make it complete. The rifle functions flawlessly even after putting thousands of rounds through it. Another more talked about feature is its apt pricing. Why it Stands Out to Us The rifle is feature packed in all aspects, whether it be the hammer spur, squared lever, ballard rifling, or the high-quality construction. The gun is chambered in a revolver caliber and is very ergonomic to hold. Additionally, the rifle is very easy to disassemble and clean compared to Henry and Browning lever-actions. Who Will Use This Most The .357 magnum is a revolver cartridge, but using it in a rifle greatly improves it effectiveness. Marlin 1894s have long been used for hunting and gunfights, and different loads (grains) of ammunition make it useful for different purposes. Anyway, this rifle is still great for hunting vermin (small deer sometimes), plinking, and defense. What Could Be Improved and Why The rifle doesn’t have a competition level trigger, so you might consider upgrading it, especially if you are trigger-sensitive. You may also consider installing a new pair of sights since the original ones are somewhat thin. The loading window will also take some time to break in. Bottom Line The Marlin 1894 CB is the best .357 lever-action rifle on the market because of its reliability and versatility. The rifle can be used for hunting small game and even self-defense. The ballard rifling gives desirable results even with slugs and cheap ammunition. Best 30-30 Lever-Action Rifle: Henry Lever-Action .30-30 20" Barrel with "Walnut Stock H009" CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Best caliber for hunting deer Aesthetically pleasing design Allows for fast follow-up shots Accurate and easily available cartridge Drilled and tapped blued steel receiver Very easy to carry due to size and weight Cons Low capacity of only 5 rounds Limited power, cannot be used against big game What Recent Buyers Report Most buyers appreciate the look and feel of this gun, and the history associated with it. The rifle is said to be very slim and easy to handle, especially in thick woods and bush, which is eventually where this rifle will end up. The price of the rifle has also been appreciated by many recent buyers. Why it Stands Out to Us The .30-30 is the most popular deer hunting round and the Henry rifle has been around the market for a long time. It is a reliable, durable, and tested rifle with exceptional accuracy. The receiver is pre-tapped for adding the scope, which does help with hunting. Plus, the XS Ghost sights also add to the overall value. Who Will Use This Most The rifle will be mostly used for a purpose it has been serving for decades - hunting deer. Due to its size, design, and weight, the rifle is ideal to be taken through harsh woodlands. The rifle can also be used for practice, plinking, and even as a scout rifle in some cases. What Could Be Improved and Why The first thing you must consider when using this rifle is the range. The rifle is deadly accurate within a range of 150 yards (more with a scope).  So you should definitely consider adding a scope. The tube has a low capacity of five rounds and takes time to reload, so you should make every shot count. Bottom Line The Henry .30-30 is the best lever-action rifle in its caliber. The primary and best uses of this rifle are hunting deer and recreational shooting. Overall, it is a must-have rifle in your collection, especially if you are a hunter. Best Modern Lever-Action Rifle: Chiappa LA322 Kodiak Cub Take-Down .22 LR CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Easy to clean and maintain Compact and easy to store Black soft-touch stock coating Smooth and pleasing aesthetics High ammo capacity of 15 rounds Corrosion-resistant and attractive chrome matte finish Cons Lacks a good safety mechanism What Recent Buyers Report Most users appreciate the light weight and compact size of this rifle. It has a good, bulky barrel and a smooth finish. The rifle requires several shots to break-in, however most people love its take-down capability and aesthetics. Why it Stands Out to Us Finding a take-down lever-action rifle is very difficult. This rifle has taken the concept of lever-action to a whole new level. It allows you to store the rifle in a compact space and quickly buckle it up to be used as an effective weapon with good firepower at close-range. Who Will Use This Most The rifle shoots .22LR rounds, so it is mostly for plinkers, target shooters, and vermin hunters. The rifle is the fun replacement for any .22LR rifle you possess. It can be used for hunting, plus the takedown capability also makes it a good camping or truck gun. What Could Be Improved and Why? You cannot complain about anything from a .22LR rifle, since it would be used for plinking and fun shooting for most of its life. However, this rifle still lacks sling attachment points, which can be a considerable drawback. But you won’t mind drilling them because the stock is not expensive and is crafted of American walnut. Bottom Line The Chiappa LA322 is a fun-to-shoot .22LR rifle that you can add to your collection. It can be carried with ease and is an amazing rifle to be taken on outdoor trips. 10. Marlin Model 336W .30-30 Win. 20" w/ 3-9x32mm Scope CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros 6+1 round capacity Aesthetically pleasing finish Comfortable pistol grip stock Extremely reliable and accurate rifle Comes with a 3-9x32 scope and mount Good lever loop design for better handling Easy to strip and many aftermarket parts available Cons The finish requires some extra attention and care "Recent Buyers Report" Report The most popular feature of the Marlin 336 is its decent pricing, reliability, and availability of aftermarket parts. The action of the rifle is smooth and free from any jams. It quickly accepts an optic scope and is comfortable to hold and load. Some buyers do point out some performance issues in recent models and favor the older Marlin 336W model. Why it Stands Out to Us The rifle is slimmer and quicker to shoot compared to other rifles in this list. Plus, the addition of a scope in the package offers the best value for money. Additionally, the easy availability of aftermarket parts is also a benefit for the buyer. Who Will Check Latest Price The Marlin 336 is probably the most used and admired deer rifle on the market today. The rifle is a boon for hunters, who can use it for both hunting and defense. It can also be used as an effective scout rifle, not to mention its possible uses in competition and fun shooting. What Could Be Improved and Why The Marlin 336w is not a competition rifle right out of the box, so you may want to upgrade the trigger, if you plan to put it to a more precise use. Elderly people with weak eyes may also want to replace the factory iron sights with a new illuminated pair for backup. Bottom Line This rifle is ideal for hunting whitetail deer, hogs, moose, and other game of similar size. It is comparatively compact and can also be used as a truck rifle. The probability of customization and addition of aftermarket parts also make it a desirable weapon. How to Clean a Lever-Action Rifle Cleaning a lever-action rifle is pretty simple. The tools you’ll need for disassembling the rifle are a flathead screwdriver, cleaning kit (with brass jags and patches), and cleaning solvent. You may also consider having a bore snake for better cleaning. Check the rifle is void of any ammunition and turn on the safety. Work the lever halfway, unless the bolt protrudes and the rear notch on the bolt rests on the hammer. Now, use a good quality flathead screwdriver to pull out the locking screw at the part of the lever meeting the base of the receiver. Pull the lever out, followed by the bolt. Make sure to keep track of the lever screw and the ejector pin, which will eventually fall out when the bolt is removed. Clean all these parts with a cleaning solvent. Use a cleaning rod with jag and patches to clean the bore. Make sure to brush the bolt and remove any fouling. Lube any moving parts of the rifle afterwards. Clean the rifle on the outside. If your rifle has a wooden stock, consider cleaning and oiling it with the right solvent. Once all the parts have been cleaned and wiped dry, install the ejector pin first. Then, cock the hammer halfway with your thumb and push the bolt halfway inside the receiver (a full push will cause it to lock). Now, put the lever in place and screw it back together. Once you’re done, wipe your rifle with a dry cloth for final touches. Best Uses for a Lever-Action Rifle Lever-actions are the old legendary grandads of today's semi-automatic rifles. Some people might see them as obsolete technology, but let’s admit that they’ve gotten men through far worse than today’s tactical and technological wars. Lever-action rifles have been successfully used for decades in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. They have a great role in the making of the U.S.A. These rifles are mostly used for hunting, these days. Those with large calibers like .45-70 are used for stopping grizzlies, those with mediocre calibers like .30-30 are used for stopping deer, and the ones with light calibers like .22 are used just for fun. These are great hunting rifles and can also cover your back better than bolt-actions when a ferocious four-legged or two-legged animal comes charging toward you in the woods. A lever-action rifle has a better rate of fire compared to a bolt-action rifle, which also makes it a more suitable rifle for self-defense. Many people use these rifles as truck guns. Either way, lever-actions are good hunting, practice, and self-defense weapons, unless you have to shoot prone or through a cramped space. Conclusion Lever-action rifles have been on the market for more than 150 years now. They have participated in revolutions and wars, and are widely used as hunting rifles today. These rifles are available in different calibers, each of which is ideal for a specific purpose and situation.

AR vs. Tactical Shotgun: Who Wins?

AR vs. Tactical Shotgun: Who Wins?

/* custom css */ { text-align: left; } img { margin: 0 auto 0 0; } The tactical shotgun has plenty of fight left in it – and plenty of versatility, for law enforcement, military and home defense/civilian use. With the release of his new book, Gun Digest Book of the Tactical Shotgun, just around the corner, author Scott Wagner responded with the following when asked what he wants readers to know: “The tactical shotgun is not dead. I thought it was, until I wrote the upcoming "Gun Digest Book" of the Tactical Shotgun. Up until that point, I was in the AR corner all the way, especially for law enforcement use. In fact, at the rural Sheriff's Department I work for, I was attempting to get my agency to pull the shotguns from the cruiser and relegate the shotgun to use as a less-lethal launcher only. Okay, I was wrong. The tactical shotgun has plenty of fight left in it – and plenty of versatility, for law enforcement, military and civilian use. Related GunDigest Articles Home Defense: AR vs. Shotgun 4 Must-Have Tactical Shotgun Upgrades Don't Blink! Beretta 1301 Tactical Shotgun Review “One thing I hadn't considered until doing this work was the sheer affordability of the shotgun for use for home, perimeter and personal defense. While you might not be able to afford the newest top-of-the-line piston-driven ultra AR-15, you sure can afford a nice tactical pump gun! It's time we all take another look at one of the oldest and best CQB weapons and give it some new consideration, and respect.”

Best AR-15 Scopes For Hunting 2020 Complete Buyers Guide

Best AR-15 Scopes For Hunting  2020 Complete Buyers Guide

If you’re planning to take down a deer with your AR-15 in the next hunting season, you might want to buy an appropriate scope. Choosing an apt scope for hunting is a tedious task. A lot of factors such as position, range, weather, and terrain come into play while you aim at a musky deer sitting 100 yards away. Today we’re going to take a look at how to choose the best AR-15 scope for hunting. We will also classify some of the best AR-15 scopes for deer hunting available on the market. So here we go. At a Glance: Our Top Picks for AR Scopes For Hunting OUR TOP PICK: SWFA SS 3-15x42 Tactical Rifle Scope Leupold VX2 3-9x40 Bushnell Optics Drop Zone 223 BEST BUDGET OPTION: Simmons 8 Point 3-9x50mm Scope Comparison of the Best Hunting Scopes for AR-15 Rifles IMAGE PRODUCT Our Top Pick SWFA SS 3-15x42 "Tactical Rifle Scope" Objective measured at 42mm. Made from high-quality materials. Magnification levels ranging from 3 to 15 times. View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews Leupold VX2 3-9x40 One inch tube Multi-coated lenses Made from aluminum "View Latest Price" → "Read Customer Reviews" Bushnell "Optics Drop Zone" 223 Compatible with .223 AR-15 rifles. Magnification levels of 3 to 9 times. BDC reticle included for accurate and precise shooting. View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews Best Budget Option Simmons 8 Point 3-9x50mm Scope Objective measured at 50mm. Magnification power ranges from 3 to 9 times. TrueZero adjustments for windage and elevation. View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews What to Look For in a Scope For Deer Hunting Deer hunting is probably the most common hunting session in open seasons, at least in America. The deer we are talking about here refers to smaller species like the whitetail and mule deer. Deer hunting is done at quite close ranges, usually within 200 meters. Many deer hunters say they haven’t bagged one beyond 100 yards. All those factors have to come into play when choosing a scope. Some very prominent factors to look for when choosing an AR scope for hunting are: Resolution Resolution, also termed sharpness, is the ability of a lens to differentiate between two close images and show them as separate entities. In layman terms, higher resolution means sharper images. That means you’ll get to see the target as perfectly as with your naked eye. A clear image of the target lets you make a perfect target picture for a precise shot. Objective Lens Size The size of the objective lens determines the amount of light that enters the scope. Lenses with a large objective size allow more light to pass through, which in turn produces a brighter image. While you’re out with your AR-15 to hunt a game, lens size really comes into play at dawn and dusk, which are often the best times to find deer in the open. At these times between light and dark, you’ll want a scope that can pull in as much light as possible. Magnification Magnification is the amount of enlargement your scope can provide for an image. For example, a scope with 3.5-9x magnifications means you can view an object 3.5 to 9 times closer than you can with your naked eye. Magnification is often a topic for debate among deer hunters. We’ll discuss it later as to how magnification matters when you’re shooting a deer only 100 yards away. Sturdiness It’s not very likely that you’re going to find a whitetail lingering around in your backyard - or at least you’re not going to shoot it there. You have to carry your equipment and rifle into the woods across uneven terrain and facing tough weather conditions. A good scope must also hold zero in all conditions. You should make sure that the scope of your AR-15 is quite sturdy as well as being waterproof and fog proof. A sturdy scope is quite effective and no doubt goes a long way. Quick Take - The Best AR-15 Scopes For Hunting These are our recommendations for the best AR-15 hunting scopes: SWFA SS 3-15x42 Tactical Rifle Scope Bushnell Optics Drop Zone 223 Simmons 8 Point 3-9x50mm Scope Review of the Best AR-15 Scopes For Hunting Now that we know what to look for, let’s take a look at some of the finer scopes available. Best Overall: SWFA SS 3-15x42 Tactical Rifle Scope CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Waterproof and shockproof Large eye relief of 4.2 - 3.8cms Wide field of view 2.4m - 10.6m Wide 3x -15x range of magnification Precise adjustment knobs Cons No illumination Doesn’t have locking turrets Best value for the money but still has a high price ​ What Recent Buyers Report A lot of buyers for this scope were quite satisfied and for a few good reasons. First off, they were able to look through the scope and see the high-quality images. They also reported that it helped boost their AR-15 accuracy considerably. One user said that this scope allowed him to reach out and touch his target from about 1000 yards out. ​ Why it Stands Out to Us This rifle was built for long-range hunting. Even better, you’ll be able to reach these distances consistently with the use of a rifle like a Creedmoor 6.5 or a similar AR-15 rifle that can go the distance. Plus, the scope is made from high-quality aluminum that protects the scope from the inside out. So if you’re looking for a scope that gets the job done and keeps the zero settings intact through a few hundred rounds, this scope will be worth the investment. With a large 42mm objective lens and 3x-15x zoom, the SWFA tactical rifle scope tops our list. The wide 3x - 15x magnification power makes it adaptable to long as well as short-range sighting of targets. The 6m side parallax adjustment lets the shooter change and spot a moving target. This is an amazing scope for the money because of its wide range of features. The scope also features a first focal plane which enlarges the size of the ‘mil-quad’ reticle while you zoom in on your target. The scope has a beautiful black matte finish which complements the appearance of any rifle. It is 100% waterproof, shockproof and fog proof so you can use it under harsh weather conditions. ​ Who Will Use This Most This will be an excellent scope for deer hunters that will utilize a high-powered, long-distance rifle. Nothing is more exciting than the thrill of bagging your trophy-sized target from an excellent distance. How far you can go is entirely up to you, but if you want to achieve a feat that most of your fellow hunters may not be able to do, this scope will give you a hand with that. Bottom Line The SWFA SS 3-15x42 Tactical Rifle Scope is the must-have scope for the long-range hunter. If you’re one of those who want to go as far as possible with an AR-15 out in the field, you might need a scope like this to make sure that you’re hitting your targets consistently. Runner-up: Bushnell Optics Drop Zone 223 CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Fast focus eyepiece Drop zone 223 BDC reticle Target turrets for quick adjustments Durable and lightweight aluminum casing Holds zero very well Cons Second focal plane A bit heavier than its counterparts What "Recent Buyers Report" This scope is insanely accurate, according to most users. They were quite impressed with the BDC reticle allowing them to shoot accurate and precise shots from as far out as 500 yards out. Aside from the accuracy, they were also happy with the image quality being high-definition even at some magnification levels. Most of these users were deer and varmint hunters that were looking for a scope that allowed for consistently accurate shooting. Why it Stands Out to Us Bushnell is one of the major names that most hunters have long trusted when it comes to riflescopes. They are probably one of the most reliable names on the market. This scope lives up to the Bushnell name by providing excellent image quality, sharp and accurate shooting, and easy adjustments for windage and elevation. Simply put, it is the hunting scope that sets the standards that some others will fall short on. Bushnell is a revered manufacturer of optics and has no doubt found a place on our list. The Drop Zone .223 AR15 rifle scope features a drop-zone reticle with a magnification of 3-9x. The objective lens diameter is 40mm which allows a good amount of light to pass through, providing a clear image. The scope has target turrets for precise adjustments. The drop-zone reticle allows you to take long-distance shots without making any adjustments. The fully multicoated optics provide maximum accuracy and reliability. The quick side focus parallax adjustment lets you aim precisely over a non-stable target. ​ Who Will "Use This Most" This rifle will reach as far out as 500 yards, but it can be a useful hunting scope regardless of what kind of game you’re targeting. If you want something that is reliable and lives up to its reputation of being a true hunting scope for an AR-15, the Bushnell AR Optic Drop Zone BDC Reticle riflescope will certainly exceed your standards every time you use it. Bottom Line If you want a scope that will work with many AR-15 rifles and stand out as one of the most reliable and dependable scopes for any hunting application, this Bushnell scope might just be right up your alley. Once installed, you’ll probably never want anything different from this scope. 3. Simmons 8 Point 3-9x50mm Scope CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Weatherproof Lightweight (13.2oz) Perfect for an AR-15 Multi-coated optics Large objective lens Cons Doesn’t come with scope rings for mounting Short eye relief (not for powerful rifles like Mosin Nagant) What Recent Buyers Report There were a few good reasons why the buyers of this scope were happy. One of the major things that they liked was the TrueZero adjustments. They were able to make easy adjustments and were still able to use the scope knowing that the resets to zero were easy without ever having to sight the scope in again. One user said it was “set it and forget it”. Accuracy wise, the distance that most shooters were able to hit their targets was as far out as 400 to 500 yards. Why it Stands Out to Us It’s an easy to adjust scope that will take a few minutes to sight in. Once it’s ready to go, you’ll be able to use it for hunting varmint, small game, and even big game like whitetail deer. On top of the ease of use, it’s one of the more affordable AR-15 hunting scopes on the market. Like with most high-quality scopes, it’s durable and can withstand a good amount of shock and bad weather. This Simmons 8 Point scope will be light on your pocket while serving all the features of a good deer-hunting scope for your AR-15 rifle. The scope has a 3-9x magnification with a 50mm objective lens diameter which is more than you need for obtaining a crisp and clear target image. The precise eyepiece allows quick target acquisition even at magnified distances. The sure grip audible target turret adjustments let you hear the MOA clicks. The truplex reticle is apt for shooting whitetails and mule deer at short distances. The 3-9x magnification is good for dense forests and bush stalking. A matte-black finish enhances the looks of the scope and the sturdy aluminum body keeps the components compact and safe. Who Will Use This Most This will be used for general hunting purposes. It may be best used for deer hunting the most since it can help you reach out and touch targets from quite a ways away. Besides, bigger targets at long range are a lot easier to hit than smaller targets. If you want something that will give you good clean (and accurate) shooting from a good distance, you’d be hard-pressed to find a scope like this. Bottom Line The Simmons 8-Point Scope is a simple AR-15 rifle scope that has its uses. If you’re looking for a hunting scope with an impressive reticle that will deliver precise shooting and easy to adjust settings that will stay in place for a long time, you might just consider this your scope of choice for the long term. 4 . Leupold VX2 3-9x40 CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Easy to sight in Adjustments are quite easy Super durable construction Offers precise and accurate shooting Great for hunting and target shooting Large objective lens Sturdy and weatherproof Long eye relief (3.7” - 4.2”) Lightweight (11.2 oz or 0.7 pounds) Lockable eyepiece for precise target acquisition Cons Second Focal Plane No illumination for shooting at night What Recent Buyers Report As expected, a lot of new users were quite satisfied with this scope. They installed the scope in just a few minutes and used this for hunting and target shooting purposes. One user said that his zero settings stayed the same after more than 300 rounds. Why it Stands Out to Us The Leupold scope is known for being really durable. Not to mention, it’s considered one of the more higher-end brands. The image clarity is quite sharp. So you have a combination of sturdiness and clarity in one scope. Leupold scopes are used by a wide range of people ranging from hunters to law enforcement services. The 6061 T6 aluminum body is lightweight and completely waterproof and fog proof. This Leupold scope features a multi-coated 4-lens system which provides a cleaner and brighter image of the target. It also has a duplex reticle for easy and precise aiming at the target. The 3x - 9x magnification is perfect for hunting at short ranges. The scope is backed up by a lifetime warranty by the manufacturer. Who Will Use This Most This will likely be a scope that will be heavily favored by hunters and casual target shooters. No matter what you use this for, you’ll have a scope that will definitely give you an excellent accuracy boost with whatever rifle you use. Bottom Line The Leupold VX2 is the kind of scope that is strong, reliable, and quite accurate. If you want a scope that will be as tough as nails and clear as a bell in image quality, this could be exactly what you’re looking for. 5. Zeiss Terra 3x Riflescope With Hunting Turrets Plex Reticle (3-9x42mm) CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Multi-coated lenses Aluminum turret caps Non-magnifying plex reticle Waterproof and shockproof Cons Doesn’t have illumination No resettable turret, turrets can't be re-set to zero What Recent Buyers Report Most of the new buyers were reporting that this scope has some really good image quality. Plus, they were quite intrigued by the European-style design. One user said that he had to try it out because of the unique design. As it turned out, he liked it much better than one of this high profile hunting scopes. Accuracy wise, shooters were able to consistently hit targets from 300 to 400 yards out. Why it Stands Out to Us The scope’s design looks a little unique compared to your average hunting scopes. The body is a lot slimmer and the objective is a lot wider. So, it stands out as intriguing, to say the least. However, the scope is sturdy and keeps zero settings intact after so many rounds. Plus, the finish is aesthetically sharp. If you want a scope that looks good, performs like a champ, and can be reliable in hitting targets standing out at impressive distances, you might just consider this scope your new best hunting buddy. This amazing rifle scope from terra features a European design complemented by a non-magnifying plex reticle and a matte anodized waterproof and shockproof body. The plex reticle with bolded edges lets you zero in on animals of any size. The large 42mm objective lens gives a brighter image and the multi-coated lenses prevent any flash from reflected sunlight. The scope also has a long eye relief of up to 9mm for easy acquisition of targets. The 3x - 9x magnification is perfect for hunting deer from bushes to densely wooded forests. ​ Who Will Use This Most The scope will likely be used for varmint hunting. Since it can reach distances of 300 to 400 yards, it will serve as a really good hunting scope for those small game targets. It can be good for big game hunting as well. However, smaller targets may be harder to hit the farther out they are, but if you want a scope that can cover mid-range distances, this may be the one to go with. Bottom Line If you want a reliable scope with an interesting design that will turn the heads of your fellow AR-15 hunters, the Zeiss Terra Rifle Scope might be a scope that’s worth a closer look. Don’t be surprised if it turns out is just as durable and accurate as most hunting scopes. Bigger is Better, Right? You don’t have to shed your heart out of your pocket to buy a good scope for deer hunting. Bigger is not always better. There are certain factors which will let you decide about how to choose a good scope. Some people might suggest that high magnification scopes are always good, but that’s not really the case with deer hunting. You’re probably never going to shoot a deer far more than 200 yards, and scopes with more than 12x magnification are useless in that respect. Moreover, you are probably not going to find deer on wide stretches of land. Deer hunting generally happens in wooded areas or other “broken up” terrain. You’re not often shooting across the wide Savannah. A high magnification scope would show you nothing more than zoomed tree trunks. You should probably stick with 3-9x scopes for hunting deer, as they will help you acquire a target picture instantly, especially if you are stalking your target in the bush. Another important aspect to note here is the objective lens size. As we know that a larger size means a larger image, but there are a couple of contradictions in using it while deer hunting. Most deer hunting is done in daylight. While you might be out at dusk or dawn, you might not need a huge objective lens - “just enough” should do.  On top of that, larger objective lenses may reflect sunlight and the flash might scare away your target. Plus a larger objective lens is heavier and will add to the weight of your gear. Apart from all these mentioned features, some other basic things to look for in a scope are eye relief, reticles, and minutes of angles for correcting your shooting. Conclusion Hunting deer is not a very long range activity (unless you are very fond of doing so). A deer hunting scope should have a modest magnification range, probably up to 12x. The objective lens doesn’t make a huge difference but make sure the lenses of the scope are multi-coated. Mounting these scopes on your AR-15 is not a problem and it adds to your accuracy for sure. Always make sure you buy a weatherproof and durable scope for deer hunting so it doesn’t succumb to the harsh conditions.

The SW22 Victory: A Project Squirrel Pistol (Part 1)

Back when I was working on Project Squirrel Gun , I was playing with the small game hunting concept, which unfortunately is the likely best case scenario if things go dark big time. So why not a Project Squirrel Pistol? Rather than trying to find an inexpensive bolt action pistol to match the rifle, I decided to look for a semi-auto solution since a quality long-range shooting .22 revolver is as elusive as it is expensive. So once in the .22 long rifle auto pistol market, I only had about two dozen guns to choose from. But when looking for a real long distance tack driver over a concealed carry format along with some desired characteristics included a target weight barrel, a threaded muzzle, optics mountable, and a friendly aftermarket community, the selection rapidly narrowed to Ruger, Browning, and Smith and Wesson. Of the three brands, the S&W was the least expensive with street prices beginning at $350 and it had a fast-growing pile of aftermarket upgrades of both pistol parts, barrels, mag enhancements, and grips. Although the Victory was only a couple years old, and I’d never even shot one, the collection of companies supporting the Victory was enough to convince me that this thing was really a Thing. Quick Navigation The Road to Victory Can’t Leave Well Enough Alone Ours go to 11 Get Schooled Disconnected He Bit Me Same Bat Channel The Road to Victory The Ruger is an excellent choice and one I chose for my B.O.L.T pistol. And with the new easy-takedown Ruger Mark IV, it’s hard to ignore that as the go-to option. The problem is that the Ruger is still expensive, still without a threaded barrel, still without a healthy appetite for anything stuffed in it’s mouth, and finally, while running well when dirty, the Mark series of Ruger .22s are not known for being the most friendly when digging deeper than cracking open the case. Check Out: B.O.L.T Pistol The Browning Buckmark is a fine firearm, but lacks heavily in the aftermarket arena. If the pistol were perfect, than that would not be an issue, but like about everything except the Colt Python, is there definitely room for improvement. Bolt-on options are available for the Buckmark, but tweaking the innards is still left for the professional gunsmith. One standout that is relatively new to the Ruger/Luger looking autopistol is the SW22 Victory from Smith and Wesson. Currently there are three versions. All have in common a heavy steel receiver and five-and-a-half inch target bull barrel, plastic grips on a mostly plastic grip frame. The only real differences between the three models is one has a Kryptek and blacked-out color scheme, and the other two are mostly satin stainless steel, one with a threaded muzzle, one without. So if you were blindfolded, all three would feel and operate the same. With all the excitement about the new Ruger Mark IV with it’s one-button takedown, the one-screw takedown of the SW22 Victory seems mundane. An excessive amount of work in fact. But either way, the SW22 Victory almost falls apart once the single receiver bolt is removed using a ⅛ inch hex wrench. Unscrew one more hex bolt next door and you can remove the barrel from the receiver. So simple and quick that the SW22 Victory is just asking to be tinkered with. "Can’t Leave Well" Enough Alone The S&W Victory is plenty good straight out of the box. But like a base model AR15, the Victory is begging for customization. Smith and Wesson loaded up the Victory with an excellent trigger action, a target barrel, and fabulous fiber optic hard sights. But the grips, the mag release button, the magazine disconnect safety feature, and a few other things are ripe for upgrade. Some more seriously than others. And even the barrel has not escaped the option to upgrade. In fact, the ease of swapping the barrel and even some other components makes one wonder if this is what the boys at S&W had in mind from the beginning since the gun is rock solid from a foundational standpoint. So let’s get to work. Ours go to 11 Starting on the magazine side, there are two mag upgrades worth noting. The first is a new baseplate. Why, you might ask. Because the tiny base plate on the factory magazines is small, smooth, and not the most talkative when it comes to answering the question if it is fully seated or not. The TandemKross VictoryPro extended baseplate. adds a little more bulk and a gripping surface, the VictoryPro makes seating and unseating mags ever more positive. The factory mag only holds the standard state compliant 10 rounds, but an 11th round option is available with a shorter follower. TandemKross makes one of those too and it’s called the Maximus Plus1. By shortening up the follower an eleventh round fits in the magazine body just fine. Plus they made the follower bright red instead of basic black so it is vastly more obvious where the bullets stop and the follower begins. Supporting magazines during activity involves roll pouches of some sort. TandemKross makes a modular mag pouch option called the Quick Grip pouch. Made of durable Zytel, and with adjustable retention the Quick Grips work with all major .22 mag options from Ruger to Browning to Smith and Wesson, and even Colt. So since a Squirrel Pistol is going to live in the field, magazine management is of consideration. Get Schooled These upgrades are so easy, a nine-year old girl could do them. And that’s because a nine-year old girl shows you how in the TandemKross installation videos. And that same fourth grade girl probably has a faster tactical reload than you do. In fact the video of the install of TandemKross’s Titan Extended Magazine Release for the SW22 is a pleasure to watch and far more entertaining than most other dry monotone gunsmithing videos. Speaking of the Extended mag release, it is another go-to part. The factory release is both too big and too small. It’s too big for not having a secondary use as a rest, and too small to easily be reached by a smaller hand, say that of a nine-year old girl. Disconnected Another pistol-side upgrade regarding magazines is the magazine disconnect safety feature. This is a metal strip that runs underneath the left side grip panel. It detects the presence of a mag and prevents the gun from being fired without a magazine fully seated. The problem in a survival situation is that you may want to shoot the gun without a magazine in place. For instance if you lost your mags somehow and you loaded a directly into the breech. Or the magazine inadvertently was ejected in the heat of the battle or the hunt. You could push up on the magazine disconnect lever with your fingernail and the gun will fire just fine, but that’s pretty awkward. Or you could remove the disconnect lever all together, but then you also loose the spring that launches the mag out of the Victory with more satisfaction than most pistols offer. So a better solution is the TandemKross Magazine Disconnect replacement. This thin metal strip replaces the factor disconnect keeping the spring action intact, but eliminates the need for a mag to be present in order to fire the weapon. He Bit Me Pulling the slide back on the Victory can be a challenge. First of all, it takes a surprising amount of effort to begin the cycle. Second, if you don’t slingshot the bolt, you may get a bit of a bite from where the slide mates with the frame. Only a small triangular portion of the back of the receiver moves. More than a Ruger, but less than a Browning. And that little amount is enough to pinch your fingers if you let the slide down rather than just letting go of it. TandemKross addressed this with their Halo Charging Handle. The Halo is a thumb-sized loop that clamps to the existing jimping on the slide’s walls. Not only does the Halo make it easy to cycle the bolt, but it gives you additional options for grabbing and charging the pistol under conditions where it might be impossible otherwise such as, one handed, cold hands, wet or slick fingers, and weak muscles. Surprisingly, a full cycle of the Victory’s bolt actually takes quite a bit of effort. Yes, it is just a .22 but something about the leverage cocking hammer back requires a surprising amount of effort. A few times I’ve even thought something was jammed, but no, just in need of a healthy tug. Related: The Ruger Alaskan The SW22 Victory is known for having an excellent out-of-the-box trigger. Unlike most other sub-custom .22 auto pistols, the Victory has smooth take up, a clean break, and acceptable overtravel and reset. However the trigger shoe is old school and a little sloppy side to side. The Victory Trigger from TandemKross is an excellent upgrade providing a heavily textured flat face and micro adjustments allowing a drop in pull poundage, reduced and adjustable takeup and overtravel, and a second color option. While installing the Victory trigger requires a bit more surgery than the other upgraded parts, it is also a great time to learn how your gun works. And don’t worry, TandemKross also sells an extra trigger-side spring and detent kit for three bucks for when your factory one goes flying across the room. TandemKross does suggest, however, doing some of the gun work inside a plastic bag or box, and always wear safety glasses . I concur. Same Bat Channel In part 2 of this themed build, we will take the Victory outside with a choice of optics, carry options, and things to screw onto the muzzle. Save Save Save Save Other interesting articles: The SW22 Victory: A "Project Squirrel Pistol" (Part 2) Survival Gear: TandemKross 10-22 Rifle Ultimate Trigger Upgrade Survival Gear Review: CZ 75 Pistol Glock – Ultimate Survival Pistol in 2020

Introduction to Long Range Shooting

I have been practicing long range shooting for about ten years. When I bought my first scoped rifle, initially, for deer and wild boar hunting, I began to research and study material about rifle marksmanship, ballistics, and handloading. My intent was to be able to deliver the most accurate and effective shots possible at typical hunting distances (up to ~300yds). I soon discovered that with rifles just like mine, ordinary civilians were shooting at 1000yds, and beyond. I found those subjects fascinating, and the more I learned, the more I wanted to know. With this series of articles, I want to share what I’ve discovered in my research (and range experience). Let’s start with these questions: what is long range shooting and what does it take to make a shot at long range? Long Range Shooting For these articles, we can speak of long range shooting as ranges of 500-600yds, and beyond. Shooting at such distances makes seemingly small factors, such as your heart rate, breathing, physics, and the effects weather, more significant. This adds to the challenge, which, for me, is part of the beauty of this discipline. What does it take to make a long range shot? Some of you may recognize this quote from the movie Shooter (2007): “You know what it takes to make a shot at that range? Everything comes into play that far. Humidity elevation, temp, winds, spin drift. There’s a 6-10 second flight time, so you have to shoot it where the target’s going to be. Even the coriolis effect, the spin of the earth, comes into play.” They were talking about a shot beyond one mile; however, these elements are still relevant for long distance shooting at closer ranges. There is a bit more involved, including some physics, a little trigonometry, and a few formulas to use for long distance shooting. This math stuff may sound nasty for some of you, but rest assured that’s nothing of too difficult, once you get familiar with it. I’m not a fan of mathematics, so I’ll try to keep it simple. The only other things you need are a willingness to learn, the discipline (and practice) to apply it. Oh, and a rifle, of course! Speaking of rifles, you may think you need a super-precision-laser rifle, with an astronomical telescope mounted on it chambered in a powerful caliber to shoot long range… You don’t. There are budget solutions, and ways to set up your existing rifle to get started in this beautiful discipline. The same principles can be used effectively with a .22LR rifle with a $200 scope (although, you won’t get the same kind of range as with larger calibers). What’s most important are solid rifle marksmanship fundamentals. We must endeavor to eliminate, or at least minimize, human error. If your marksmanship skills are flawed, you can go crazy trying to compensate for errors derived not by external variables, but by your hand. In the course of this series, I’ll give you some tips to improve your accuracy . I’ll divide the material into three sections: Theory We will examine the physics behind the behaviour of a projectile (bullet) in flight. It is essential to understand this to be able to predict the bullet’s trajectory in order adjust our sights and hit the target at varying distances and conditions. Weapons System I will discuss the setup of a typical long range weapons system (i.e., rifle, optics, etc.). I’ll also cover how to maximize the accuracy and consistency of your rifle, how to choose the right optic, and how to select the right ammunition. Technique This will be a sort of “how to” section where I’ll take you step by step through long range shooting techniques, starting from zeroing your rifle and building your own ballistic table, and finishing with the observation of the bullet going downrange. If you have studied and practiced well, you will see your bullet hitting your target, like in this example from Shooter. Beef stew before… …and after. Stay tuned! Featured images are stills from Antoine Fuqua’s 2007 film, Shooter.


Initial impression I’ve been playing with the Torch backup light from MFT for over a year now. I’ll cut right to the chase. It isn’t very bright for a rifle mounted light, from my perspective.